Punched Decking

  • Blagg and Johnson have been manufacturing punched decking for 15 years and our customers have taken great delight in using our services.  We offer tight lead times, outstanding quality and at competitive prices.  Blaggs can produce decking in the following material:

    Mild Steel             1 – 5mm

    Stainless Steel     1 – 4mm

    Aluminium           1 – 6mm

    All of our punched decking can be made in one piece up to 4m long and fabricated decks can measure up 15m.  All of our Aluminium and Stainless steel Punched decks are manufactured in a dedicated clean area so we minimise carbon contamination on any deck that is open to the elements.  Blaggs can manufacture sheet steel decks or large car transporter beds all bespoke to your design, we are the go to company for all your Punched Decking requirements.
    Blagg and Johnson can offer a variety of finished surfaces on all punched decking we produce. This includes self-colour, galvanised, wet spray painted and powder coated. This reduces double handling of any deck as they will come to you ready to be bolted or welded to the frame or chassis of your finished product.
    For any questions or enquiries,  please do not hesitate to Contact Us
  • Key Points

    • All Manufactured in House
    • Mild Steel 1 – 5mm
    • Stainless Steel 1 – 4mm
    • Aluminium 1 – 6mm
    • Certified Welders
    • 1 off, or 1000 off
    • CAD / CAM programming facilities supporting 2D & 3D file format