Turret Punching

  • Turret Punching has been around since the early 1940’s and has proven its worth many times over.  Blagg and Johnson have invested in two cnc turret punches and tool grinder for sharpening all of the tools.

    With a 40 station 30 tonne and a 26 station 40 tonne, both machines have a vast array of tooling ready to use. One of the major  benefits of turret punching is that holes can be punched in milliseconds and with a high degree of accuracy, and as all programs are modelled in 3D before nesting we can guarantee the parts before the steel is even touched.
  • Key Points

    • Pre-forming tools can be used to eliminate secondary handling
    • Increased production capacity and speed
    • 40 tonne and 30 tonne capacity
    • Max sheet size 5000 x 1250
    • Max sheet thickness 8mm